Day 02 is about making, playing, and breaking notions of co-creation.  We will practice as we study with invitations to choose and define what we make this week.

Yea, yea; sure, sure; co-creating, collaboration, and group work constitute good learnin'. This has been documented and observed across millenia, continents and cultures; and is innately understood as humans being.    

Everything is better together.

Later this week we plan to orient to topics of Cognitive Flow, Project Based Learning, Critical Making and deeper issues of maker culture, but that really depends on your wants and interests.  Today we'd like to pitch a few ideas and projects so we may spend the rest of the week tinkering and experimenting.

You are a creative, else you wouldn't be here.  On some level, you understand the value of the process.  You are familiar with entering the distinct flow-state of creativity, workflow, and problem solving that is somehow indescribable. Problem solving. It is meditative and expansive at the same time.  People do this in the design of courses, playing of sports, writing of manuscripts, working of wood, production of media, and all deeply creative processes, really.  Total engagement in an activity.

For anyone interested in a deeper dive, I offer:

Doyle, C. L. (2017). Creative flow as a unique cognitive process. Frontiers in Psychology, 8, 1348.

I particularly like the bits about divergent thinking and hyprofontality.

I also offer this great field study from MIT:

Cizek, et. al. (2019). Collective Wisdom. MIT Works in Progress (WIP)

The bit that fascinates me the most from the MIT study, is the idea of humans co-creating with non-humans.  Algorithms.  Creative artificial intelligence.  I'm working on a dedicated blog post specific to this notion that I'll share later today. For now, let's focus on us.

So, let's use this week to co-create something.  We would like to offer you a few project options for making something together, this week and beyond.   We offer you logins to this web site, to the Digital Makerspace, and maybe more?

Invitation:  How should we co-create? (vote)

There are many options, and we have little time together.  I should also add that we do have a small budget that we can use here.  For example, if we choose to design a Maker DPL logo and put it on a t-shirt or a mug - we could ship one to everybody.  If we choose to design a maker unbox, we could pull that together and ship it to everybody. Or we could plan, make, and run our own Maker Faire DPL later in the Fall - thus extending our co-creating across the Fall term. We have many folks interested in presenting at a Maker Faire DPL, by the way, - you could too!

For the sake of efficiency I have proposed we engage with the broader HITRECORD community, where we can play to our individual strengths (writing, audio, video, graphics, etc) while also working together.  They have existing projects we can join, or we can launch our own - and invite the rest of the world to come play with our idea.  I've also pitched a few other possibilities, and invite you to pitch a few of your own.  

The first thing we will create together (today!) is our team project.

Because our time together is short, we'll have to commit by day's end.  What should we commit to?

Also, join the DPL Digital Makerspace and make something.  Anything!

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