For Day 04 we will make, play, and learn with notions of Critical Making.

"Critical making refers to the hands-on productive activities that link digital technologies to society. It was invented to bridge the gap between creative physical and conceptual exploration. The purpose of critical making resides in the learning extracted from the process of making rather than the experience derived from the finished output. The term "critical making" was popularized by Matt Ratto, an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto. Ratto describes one of the main goals of critical making as way "to use material forms of engagement with technologies to supplement and extend critical reflection and, in doing so, to reconnect our lived experiences with technologies to social and conceptual critique." ~ Wikipedia

Invitation: Let's Annotate (

I'd like to suggest we co-read and annotate the following article using I don't mean to throw yet another tool and platform at you, but presents an ideal method for remote teams to embed dialogue inside of an article or document. If you want to deep dive on Critical Making together, I'll be in the margins of this article throughout the day, and will be inviting the greater #maker community to join us there. (FYI: quick start)

Ratto, M., & Hertz, G. (2019). Critical Making & Interdisciplinary Learning: Making A Bridge Between Art, Science, Engineering, and Social Interventions. The Critical Makers Reader:(Un) learning Technology. INC Reader, (12).

(rumor has it, Ratto might annotate along with us)

Invitation: Watch Party (metastream)

I'll be running a Critical Making watch party throughout the day (07/29). Think of this like a television channel where you can chat with other folks in the room. I'll be playing a rotation of videos relevant to Critical Making all day, and invite folks to come and go as they please. Jump in anytime and see who's there and what we're watching.

(keep tabs on all of our synchronous meetings here)

Introduction:  Garnet Hertz

Garnet is a co-author on the article cited above and a thought leader in this field. The Concept Lab website is a rich catalogue of Critical Making projects, ideals, and publications - including this vast collection of Critical Making handbooks, the Maker Manifesto, and  Toy Hacking.