Today is reserved for our own reflection and creative work.  This week has been a tsunami of resources, connections, ideas, and activities; many of which are still ongoing. Much like strolling through an actual Maker Faire, there is so much stimuli and so many discoveries.  

Take a deep breath.  

Keep browsing.  Keep making. We do ask that you make/share at least one thing before you go. Pick a tool.  Pick an idea.  Reflect on your week. Respond to a prompt.  Any one little thing.  Two is even better. = )

Make it, nail it, share it.

It would be great if we could gain some mileage in our DPL2020 tl;dr project, and we could remix one another there.  You could just as easily share in the Makerspace, this blog, or in Discourse.  All options are well and good.  

Zooming / Join as you Can

Today @ 11AM (ET): Open Cohort Meetup

Today @ 12PM (ET): Makerspace Activities with K-8 Students, w Marnie Steele

Today @ 5PM (ET: Open Cohort Meetup