Welcome to DPL Maker Literacy  

Day 01 is about getting oriented to our various spaces and places; and getting to know each other a bit.  We will kick-off each day with a blog post here, outlining the ideas and invitations for the day.

We'll spend each day with a fresh topic.  We'll use that topic as a springboard for making , breaking, discussing, and reflecting.  We'll also be extending a few invitations to you to make some things together, starting tomorrow.  

Ideas & Invitations for Sunday 07/26

Invitation:  We have a variety of places we'll be traversing this week, and it's worth taking some time to explore each.  

DPL AuditoriumMaker Blog (here)Digital Makerspace
DPL DiscourseMaker DiscourseMakerDPL Siftr
Laura SummersBrad Hinson

Today we want to introduce ourselves (hi!), our spaces, and connect with all of you.  

We have already sent you a link to the MakerDPL Siftr and we'd encourage you to keep going there - there are many opportunities to contribute.  Likewise, we'd like to invite you into the DPL Discourse + our own Maker Discourse space  -  where folks are networking, sharing, and well... discoursing.  

Invitation:  Review the Introductions & Provocations post in Discourse, and respond.  Say hi, let us know you made it.

Reminder:  Today's keynote with Jesse Stommel is at 12:00 EDT - you'll need to pre-register for the Zoom webinar.  Likewise, Jesse will be hosting a fireside chat at 18:00 EDT - register here.

Lastly, we want to share a video that we believe encapsulates the Maker spirit. Note, this isn't about technology or privileged access.  It's a mindset.